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 Joining Forces...Saving Lives Forum

The forum was held in Lincoln Nebraska on October 20th from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. in the Auld Pavilion and it was packed with animal organization staff and volunteers as well as the general public.  The keynote speaker Mike Arms inspired the audience with his story. Mike is the President of the nationally known Helen Woodward Animal Center in San Diego, CA.   Read more...








Joining Forces Saving Lives collaborated with other local animal organizations and brought in Mike Arms to speak in Lincoln about how to get Lincoln to No Kill (90% Live Release Rate)


Joining Forces helped a family out who lived in the country spay/neuter 4 farm cats (1 feral) and 2 additional kittens were released to another rescue


The Joining Forces president’s mom became ill and she ended up in hospice so work was put on hold for a year and a half


Joining Forces collaborated with UNL to put on the first companion animals symposium in Lincoln

Joining forces spayed and released a community cat when her six (6) kittens fell into a fence and were pulled out by animal control. She is still being taken care of by people in her neighborhood. Her six kittens were taken to the humane society and when they started losing weight and fell ill the Humane Society was going to put them down but allowed Joining Forces to take them and they are all healthy and happy and were adopted into great homes.


Joining Forces helped spay/neuter 13 mostly feral farm cats. Nine feral farm cats were released back to the farm. One mama cat was tamed and she and her three kittens were adopted.

Joining Forces helped a community member save nine (9) cats and kittens on an acreage. All the cats were spay/neutered and homes were found for mama cat and her five (5) kittens as well as three 5-month-old cats.

A survey was conducted with local animal shelters and rescues to find out how to save more cats in Lincoln and uncover issues and ideas to help.

2017 Thanks to a grant from Maddie’s Fund we TNR’ed  (trapped, neutered, returned)126 cats

2018 From January to August 5, 166 cats and kittens found doing TNR have been spayed and neutered in Lincoln.

We have helped a total of 277 cats in this same time period of January to August 5, 2018.

Part of these 277 cats, were from Chappelle, NE. We coordinated and organized the biggest TNR Project in Nebraska History and TNR’ed 100 cats in three days on a farm in Chappelle, NE in May 2018. We also brought back 15 rescue kittens to Lincoln and The Cat House took them into rescue.


What we do…

Joining Forces...Saving Lives was created in 2012 with the goal of bringing animal organizations together to provide momentum to help save more animals in Lincoln and surrounding Nebraska communities. Together, our efforts will hopefully help Lincoln become a No Kill Community (90% live release rate)! Joining Forces...Saving Lives is committed to helping our Humane Society and animal organizations any way we can!